The 1st AACE Gulf Chapter Advanced Diabetes Educator Workshop is accredited with 5.25 CME Credit Hours which will be sought from the Dubai Health Authorities.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist- Gulf Chapter, it is my honor, privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the 1st AACE Gulf Chapter Advanced Diabetes Educator Workshop to be held in conjunction with the Third Clinical Congress and the Gulf Chapter Annual Meeting on the 31st of October, 2015.

Our scientific program of one full day will deliver the highest standard covering the challenges facing healthcare professionals when dealing with people with diabetes. The inspiring one day program will elaborate on obstacles in the daily life of people with diabetes and provide an education platform on how healthcare professionals can assist tackling these challenges and help people with diabetes to manage and control their diabetes. A significant part of the workshop is hands-on workshops providing educational proposals and recommendations that can be used during consultations.

We are delighted to have secured some well-known speakers with significant experience in clinical and health psychology research who will share their experiences and provide you with the tools on how to deal with your patients whether at the nutrition, nursing, pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, podiatry or general clinics. Addressing emotional problems is a key psychoeducational intervention even if diabetes self care is adequate and is a skill is often missing in our training. This will harness your dedication to become communicative artist and empower your patients.

Through our AACE Gulf Chapter Diabetes Education 2015 Workshop, we moreover hope to deliver the up-to-date experiences and the opportunity to work with like-minded colleagues across the GCC countries to advance your career and create a powerful network to continue our mission on years to come.

Save the date and we are looking forward to welcoming your participation in this unique educational experience improving the lives for people with diabetes. I wish all delegates a successful meeting from many aspects.


Ebaa Al-Ozairi, BMSc (hons), MBChB MRCP(UK) CCT FACN
American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialist
Treasurer/Secretary of AACE Gulf Chapter

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